After reading James Clark’s editorial entitled “It’s one really challenging job,” there was one glaring omission –- there was no mention of the man who made the changes at the high school. What about Dr. Grant Swallows, Warren County’s Director of Schools who orchestrated the changes? 

Why did Dr. Swallows make the change, and what does he hope to create with the change? Swallows came to Warren County after serving as the head principal at White County High School in Sparta. Obviously, Dr. Swallows knows a great deal about what he wants in a high school principal.

The head and assistant principal positions are now open at the high school. I am confident there will be several good candidates applying for the job from within and outside the Warren County school system. There are over 400 high schools in Tennessee and over 24,000 high schools in the United States. 

Warren County has principals at schools in its system who would be excellent high school head principals. There are teachers and central office staff who could fill head and assistant principal positions at the high school. There are also talented potential candidates who do not work within the Warren County school system but live in Warren County. There are many principals across the state who have excellent skills and experience who may want to become next head principal at Warren County High School. 

Parents and citizens of Warren County should be encouraged by the fact Dr. Grant Swallows had the courage to make a change, and there are many reasons to trust his judgement. As Dr. Swallows stated recently, “Change is hard.” Swallows also said, “This change is meant to help our district and our high school meet some of the unique challenges that persist in this current environment.”

I have confidence in Dr. Grant Swallows to make the best choices for Warren County’s school system, and I wish him and the School Board all the best in making positive changes for our children’s education.

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