Kyra Perkins has the ability to play any position on the basketball court, and she deserved the awards she won this past season. Perkins has been a major reason the Lady Pioneers basketball program transitioned from losing 20 games a season to winning over 20 games a season over the past three years.

Kyra Perkins has basketball skills and personality. She has both an outside and inside game. When she gets hot, her 3-point shot is nothing but net. I remember a game during her sophomore year at Rhea County when Kyra was in the “zone” and made several 3-point shots. The entire team shot well that night, but I thought she jump-started the shooting streak. She is a fiery competitor who often is the most exciting player to watch on the court.

Kyra Perkins has loads of talent. She gets fouled a lot in games. She can get emotional. Her energy helps make her a very competitive basketball player. It will be interesting to see how she progresses to her senior season in the next school year. She was named MVP of a couple tournaments this past season, and she was named all-district and all-region. Kyra Perkins has a bright future in basketball.

Kyra Perkins was one of the the Lady Pioneers who often battled for rebounds against taller opponents.

BD Newsletter: How would you compare this season to last season for you personally?

KYRA PERKINS: This year we were more patient on both sides of the court and we let our defense create our offense. 

BD Newsletter: How was this year’s team different than last year’s team?
KYRA PERKINS: We’re more experienced and more mature.

BD Newsletter: Did you have any injuries or sickness this season? If you did, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being virtually no pain and 10 being maximum discomfort, how much of a discomfort were injuries?

KYRA PERKINS: 3-4 being the worst pain I’ve had dealing with a foot injury during the beginning of the season.

Kyra Perkins wants the Lady Pioneers to be district champions before she graduates.

BD Newsletter: How did you feel when the season ended?
KYRA PERKINS: I was upset because we didn’t want the season to end how it did but we know how to play in the semi-finals now we have experience for next year.

BD Newsletter: What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses on next year’s team?
KYRA PERKINS: A strength is we’re getting most of our players back, and one of our weaknesses is when things don’t go our way, we just have to keep playing aggressive and not give up. 

BD Newsletter: How do you think high school basketball affects you personally, the team, the school and the town?
KYRA PERKINS: We’ve brought this program where it hasn’t been in a very long time and the community knows that so they’re finally coming out to support us.

Playing against taller, bigger opponents was a challenge all season, and Kyra Perkins raised her inside game to help the height-challenged Lady Pioneers.

BD Newsletter: What will you work on during the offseason?
KYRA PERKINS: This off season I’ll be playing AAU, I’ll be running track, and going to trainers to improve my outside and inside game.

BD Newsletter: How did it feel to be named all-region this season?

KYRA PERKINS: It feels good.

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