As everyone who follows Warren County High School sports knows, the Lady Pioneers had a very successful basketball season (24-8). I thought an appropriate overview of the season would be to have the head coach and five players who started at the end of the season share what they thought about their experiences with the team. Over the next several days, I will post an interview with a member of the Lady Pioneers’ basketball team. First up is the head coach, Anthony Lippe.

Lady Pioneer head coach Anthony Lippe with assistant coach Gina Holt after the home region victory against Cleveland.


BD Newsletter:  How would you describe the changes over the past three seasons?
Coach Lippe: We’ve made tremendous growth over the last three seasons because the girls have bought into the culture we’ve built and understand that “it takes what it takes.” We mention this to the girls all the time. We believe that you get what you deserve, and if you put in the work, then you deserve to have success. I feel like our girls reaped some of the benefits this year of all the work they have put in the last several years. Our girls now understand that they can’t just work on their game two weeks before basketball season. We have girls shooting and working year-round, and that’s what it takes. Every successful team around us has players doing this, and our girls have found out that there is no secret sauce, it’s just that you have to put in the work. 

BD Newsletter: What do you consider the team’s strengths?
Coach Lippe: I think our strengths as a team is how well we work together, and the fact that we really enjoy being around each other. I can’t say enough about how fun these girls are, it makes my job a whole lot easier, but I really enjoy coaching them. 

BD Newsletter: What will you work on in the offseason?
Coach Lippe: This off season we need to work on execution on the offensive end, boxing out and securing rebounds, and continuing to improve our free throw percentage as a team. These are all areas that I felt like we struggle with at times. 

BD Newsletter: How important was this team and this season for you personally? How do you think this season affected the team? The high school? The town?

Coach Lippe: This season for us was extremely important to continue to make steps in the right direction for our program. We want to keep taking steps to build our program into something that we can be proud of year after year in Warren County. I think a season like this can help build confidence in what we are doing and show that if we continue to work hard that we do have the ability to compete with the top programs around the state. I think as far as our community, school, and town, they were proud of our girls. They could see where we started and how far we’ve come and I think it’s inspiring, because it backs up the fact that if you put in the work, the results will come. You have to respect the fact that these girls work extremely hard. 

Coach Lippe in the district tournament against Coffee County.

BD Newsletter: How do you anticipate developing a tradition of winning, competing for the district title? 
Coach Lippe: I think to develop and continue a tradition of winning, there has to be expectations and accountability that is passed on year after year. This is not only done by the staff, but by the leaders on the team. Freshman coming into our program have to be exposed this and held to our standards day in and day out. If you want continued success, that type of culture has to be spilling over. There is no way around it, and there are no substitutions for hard work. As we always say, “It takes what it takes.”

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